Structural Design

Analysis and design of structural systems and components

Drawing on deep industry expertise, we develop innovative solutions around each project’s outlined constraints. This entails breaking down each problem to its fundamentals and working with all project stakeholders to produce designs that benefit the project holistically.

We have the capability and experience needed to design new buildings or retrofit existing structures. Our portfolio includes solutions for new construction needs ranging from single family residential to mid-rise commercial, as well as existing structures improvements that span from vertical building extensions and underpinnings of existing structures to existing structural component reinforcement for additional loads.

Working efficiently to meet clients’ needs while addressing stakeholders involves leveraging the latest technologies and methods in structural engineering. This is why we utilize Building Information Modelling and design automation to craft solutions. Our capabilities around 3D modelling help us visualize complex geometry, deliver quality results and coordinate designs across disciplines. Automating much of the manual work means that we spend more time developing, customizing and optimizing solutions.